1Find a league where you can play. A quick web search will show where there is a league nearby.

2Dress for soccer but without cleats. You can have shin guards (They are not always necessary). Wear soft-soled athletic shoes, like indoor soccer shoes, basketball shoes, etc.

3When you get there, notice how the pitch differs. The goal is smaller. There's no goal box. Corners don't have arcs or flags. Often, there is a net around the pitch to contain the ball.

4As soon as you can, get a futsal ball and get a feel for it. It's heavier and bounces less than a soccer ball.

5Ask what your position is. Because there are only four players and a goalie, positions tend to be less structured than soccer. Everyone moves up and back.

6Understand how substitutions work. Futsal allows unlimited substitutions, made on the fly. The player must leave the pitch at a specific location before the sub can come on. You have to pay attention to directions from the sidelines to know when to come off.

7Learn the rule differences - they make futsal fun! * There is no Offsides Rule, which everyone likes. * When the ball goes out of bounds, you don't throw it in. You must place the ball on the line where it went out and kick it in, and you have four seconds to do it. If you haven't kicked it by then, the other team takes possession. * You can score from the kick-off. * You place the ball directly on the corner for corner kicks.

8If you're a goalie, there are also different rules. * No goal kicks are allowed. * You must throw the ball in play. * You have four seconds to put the ball in play or the other team gets the ball.

9Understand the importance of fouls. Once a team has accumulated five fouls, the other team gets awarded a direct free kick with no wall for every subsequent foul. Futsal doesn't allow any rough play, such as shouldering or sliding tackles. Yellow and red cards are used just as in soccer.

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